About Us


'It's bed time' has a revolutionary place amongst the bed and mattress industry. Our philosophy is same day delivery for our customers with an exceptional standard of customer service and attention to detail. However, our service does not end at the delivery as we want to improve our customer's quality of sleep. With hectic lives and daily stresses it has become harder to achieve a state of tranquillity in bed. Using the evidence from current medical literature and the latest technology we aim to assist in all our customer's sleep hygiene needs offering advise and support.


To Deliver beds the day they are ordered together with complimentary products and services of exceptionally high standards that improve our customers quality of sleep.

To become the first choice for purchase of Beds to the General Consumers, Hotel Health and Housing Industry.


To offer our customers the best advice possible on finding the perfect mattress, through our team of Sleep Council Accredited advisors and our Wellness advisor Dr. Alison MacGregor.

To ensure our beds and mattress are sustainable and can stand the test of time, with 10 year warranties* and the use of natural replenishable fillings such as wool and cashmere*

To be mindful of the environment with our mattress recycling program and helping customers replace their old mattresses with minimum impact.


Ensuring all our customers have quality sleep and truly rest their mind and body, allowing them to have the energy to succeed in all that they do.

Meet the team

Stuart Roach

Stuart came to us from a hotel back ground and has years of experience in a customer service and project management environment and puts those skills into giving accurate, informative and professional advice to our customers. Stuart decided after wanting a change of direction in his career whilst being able to use the skill set acquired over the years and saw It’s bed time as the perfect fit.

  • Age: 36
  • Role: Store Manager
  • Favourite Colour: Black
  • Favourite Sleep Position: On Front
  • Favourite Bed Type: Hedingham Soft Grey & Pale Oak
  • Favourite Mattress Type: Templeton 2400
  • Favourite Pillow Type: Mirco fibre
  • Favourite Active Activity: Playing Football
  • Favourite Lazy Activity: Watching Films

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