Mattress Recycling Service

Stuck with an old mattress or bedframe?

When we deliver a new bed, you can also take advantage of our recycling service for a hassle free experience.

Our talented Delivery & Disposal Team will remove your old mattress and carefully take apart your old bed frame before installing your new bed. Our team take real care when working in your home, assessing the route through the house before they begin, and removing shoes to ensure a clean and accident free disposal. They’ll even vacuum when finished!

We are proud to say we are licensed waste carriers under the Environmental Agency, and our recycling partners can recycle 96% of materials from your old bed. With estimates of over 245,000 tonnes of mattresses sent to landfill annually, we feel it’s important we do our best to avoid waste.

We can boast such a high degree of recyclability as our partners take mattresses apart by hand, rather than mechanical shredding, retrieving up to 17 different materials from high end mattress models. Retrieved materials benefit a variety of industries, including steel manufacturing, textile manufacturing and carpet manufacturing.

Using a licensed waste carrier to take away your old bed also avoids personal liability in case of improper disposal.

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